About DC BIG

In 2009 Daniel-Claude Martin, PhD, organized and hosted the first BIG (Biotensegrity Interest Group) gathering in Europe. They've had a BIG every year since.
After Dr. Stephen M. Levin’s presentation on biotensegrity at the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (next to NIH in Bethesda, MD) in the early spring of 2012, many of us here in the Washington, DC area realized we could benefit from gathering to go over the material together.

In April of 2012, with Dr. Levin’s and Dr. Martin’s blessings, Feldenkrias teacher Maureen McHugh and T'ai Chi teacher and Kinesthetic Learning specialist Susan Lowell extended the BIG idea to create DC BIG, the second BIG in the world. Our first DC BIG meeting was in May, 2012. In attendance were Dr. Stephen M. Levin and Graham Scarr, DO, - very auspicious!

All are welcome to attend our events. Interest in getting a deeper understanding of Stephen M. Levin's concept of biotensegrity is all that's needed. Diverse perspectives are welcome!

To learn more about biotensegrity, please refer first to Dr Stephen M. Levin's
biotensegrity.com website. Dr. Levin is the leading global authority on this scientific concept that he originated in 1975 and continues to develop. There are additional resources on our About Biotensegrity page.

For more about Maureen, see
wellnessinmotion.com. For more about Susan & her activities, see tenleytowntaichi.com, biotensegrityarchive.org, or kinestheticplayground.com