The Washington, DC Biotensegrity Interest Group

We are a group of people from diverse fields and backgrounds who come together to discuss, explore, and study the concept of biotensegrity. Many of us are interested in what the understanding of biotensegrity may lead to in terms of our work, our research, our physical practices, and our interactions with clients and students. We also appreciate the value of better understanding the bodies through which we live our lives, and the organisms with which we interact.

We started in 2012, and every meeting and event is a little different from the last. To get an idea of this, please see our
Events page, which includes info about upcoming and past events.

Our meetings have included artists, actors, acupuncturists and Alexander teachers, educators, engineers, entrepreneurs, therapists, physical therapists, physicians, physicists, project managers, biologists, osteopaths, practitioners and teachers of Feldenkrais, T’ai Chi & Yoga, ice skaters, golfers, kinesiologists, social workers, surgeons, massage therapists, writers...

For more information on biotensegrity, please visit Dr. Stephen M. Levin’s website biotensegrity.com Dr. Levin is the originator of
the concept of biotensegrity.